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Seeing With A Indigenous Eye

This course examines the traditional sources of Indigenous worldviews and spiritual understandings of areas such as origins, relationships, nature of existence, self-knowledge, and traditional teachings. Universal themes, patterns of manifestation, growth and change, perception of reality and levels of meaning are explored through various Indigenous cultures of North America. The course not only derives meaning from the traditional knowledge as it is gained by studying the teachings of the past but attempts to search out these meanings as a basis for alternative direction for contemporary society and for the gaining of self-knowledge and insight. PREREQ: a minimum of 30 credits, including INDG/NATI 2285 or permission of the department. (lec 2, sem 1) cr 6. Students may not retain credit for both INDG 4405 and either NATI 3405 or NATI 4405.

University of Sudbury