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Nicole Lafreniere

Nicole Lafreniere

Master Lecturer

School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions


Nicole Lafreniere is a Master Lecturer and Program Coordinator at Laurentian University (École des Sciences Infirmière), Lecturer at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and the Collaborative Simulation Educator between Health Sciences North, Laurentian University and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Nicole completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) with honors at Laurentian University and is currently a candidate for her Master of Nursing with Laurentian University. Nicole comes with expertise in education, nursing, simulation, patient experiences and interprofessional practice/education. She has past clinical experience in pediatrics, public health and in the operating room.  Additionally, Nicole participates in research initiatives. 

Nicole Lafrenière est maître de conférences et coordonnatrice de programme à l'Université Laurentienne dans le programme des Sciences Infirmière, chargée de cours à l'École de médecine du Nord de l'Ontario et éducatrice en simulation collaborative entre Health Sciences North, l'Université Laurentienne et l'École de médecine du Nord de l'Ontario. Nicole a complété son baccalauréat en sciences infirmières (BScN) avec distinction à l'Université Laurentienne et est actuellement candidate à sa maîtrise en sciences infirmières à l'Université Laurentienne. Nicole possède une expertise en éducation, en soins infirmiers, en simulation, en expérience des patients et en pratique / éducation interprofessionnelle. Elle a une expérience clinique antérieure en pédiatrie, en santé publique et en salle d'opération. De plus, Nicole participe à des initiatives de recherche.



Academic Appointments

Master Lecturer School of Nursing/Sciences Infirmière

Lecturer Northern Ontario School of Medicine (Clinical Services)

Collaborative Simulation Educator (LU, HSN & NOSM)


Research Projects

Anderson, R., Roach, M., & Lafreniere, N. The Impact in Situ Simulations in Crisis Resource Management on the Development of Collective-Efficacy in Interprofessional Teams in Northern Ontario Rural Hospitals.

Baxter, P., Pierazzo, J., Sibbald, M., Egan, R., Lee, C.T., Tyerman, J., Luctkar- Flude, M., Lalonde, M., Peachey, L., McParland, T., Graham, L., Lafreniere, N. Standardizing simulation based competency assessment in nursing education: A  feasibility study.  Submitted to the Faculty of Health Sciences, Education Innovation Fund 2017, McMaster University.

Lafreniere, N. & Heale, R. Labour and Delivery Pain Management Choices. What Makes Women Decide?: A retrospective Study, in process as part of fulfillment of Masters in Nursing. Laurentian University, ON.

Collaborative Healthcare Simulation: Led by the Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health (CROSH), this project includes the development of twelve synchronous, fully immersive and interactive Virtual Reality training modules for use in Nursing (RN), Respiratory Therapy (RT) and other allied health programs across Ontario. The bundle of modules targets both undergraduate and graduate programs and utilizes the latest advancements in immersive technologies. The resultant modules are flexible enough to be used across institutions at no incremental cost, and to be used in remote or northern areas where access to simulation training and edge case exposure is limited. During the current COVID-19 pandemic and beyond this technology will allow students and workers to engage in live, synchronous immersive scenario training at home or abroad. CROSH is partnering with Lumeto, Inc., as well as Georgian College and the Michener Institute of Education at University Health Network. Nicole Lafrenière, RN, BScN, CHSE, from the School of Nursing is the Principle Investigator on this project.

Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health’s (CROSH) Collaborative Healthcare Simulation - Advanced Post-Secondary Virtual Reality Modules - $1,078,000


Lafreniere, N. & Roach. M. Practicing for the Big Game: Implementing a Mobile Simulation Program for Rural Emergency Departments throughout Northern Ontario. Northern Constellations, Sudbury, ON, May 3-4, 2019.

 Lafreniere, N. & Roach. M. From small scale to large: Using in-situ simulation for systems based continuous quality improvement. Simulation Summit, Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 7-8, 2019.

Lafrenière, N., Anderson, R., Baldisera, T., & Roach, M. Collaborer pour l’avenir : une initiative en simulation interprofessional. Laurentian University, Northern Ontario School of Medicine and Health Sciences North, à la Journée de la recherche en sciences de la santé, Canada, Ontario, Sudbury, Université Laurentienne, Campus School of Education, 20 janvier 2018.

Lafrenière, N., Anderson, R., & Baldisera, T.  Collaborating for the Future: an interprofessional initiative.  Laurentian University, Northern Ontario School of Medicine and Health Sciences North, SimOne, Toronto, ON. 2018.

 Lafreniere, N. & Bélanger, R. Co-presenters at CoNFESS Colloquium: Lost in Translation. Connecting Simulation Scholarship with Patient Outcomes. Sudbury, ON. 2017.


Trophée d’une des « 10 réussites » en recherche et innovation lors du Gala et de la Cérémonie de remise de prix de la Semaine de la recherche le 22 mars 2019 à l’équipe de l’équipe des professeurs (Anne Marise Lavoie, Sylvie Larocque, Lynn Aubuchon, Roger Pilon, Elena Hunt, Marie St-Onge, Kalum Muray, Jeannette

Lindenbach, Yvonne St-Denis, Lisa Giguère et Nicole Lafrenière) et d’une éducatrice (Shannon McGee), francophones, de l’École des sciences infirmières de l’Université Laurentienne.


Pediatrics, Maternity, Simulation, Interprofessional Education and Learning