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Bettina Brockerhoff-Macdonald

Bettina Brockerhoff-Macdonald


Centre of Academic Excellence


Bettina Brockerhoff-Macdonald is currently the Director, Centre for Continuing Learning and Director, Centre of Academic Excellence overseeing the Laurentian Online and Micro-credential and non-credit programming units. These units encompass both the development and delivery of for credit and non-credit online courses and programs in both English, French and Indigenous Education, reflective of Laurentian University tri-cultural mandate along with providing pedagogical support to Laurentian University’s faculty members.

Over the past twenty years, Bettina has served in variety of roles in both provincial and national organizations related to distance and online education. She has been a member of both the advisory committee and the board of the Canadian Virtual University (CVU) since its inception in 2000 and culminating with being the Chair of the Board in 2018. She was the Central Representative for 2015-2016 on the Executive of CAUCE (Canadian Association for University Continuing Education) and is the past president of OCULL, (Ontario Council for University Lifelong Learning) having been an active member of its executive since 2005. She currently serves on the Stewartship Committee of OUCEL (Ontario University Council on Elearning).

During that time, Bettina was also a sessional instructor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures (Laurentian University), teaching language, literature and culture courses at all levels along with hosting a German language radio show on the Student Radio Station CKLU, organizing opera trips to Toronto to German-language operas and acting as a resource person for the Ontario-Baden Wuerttemberg Exchange program at Laurentian University. She continues to be an instructor with the Sudbury German Language School, teaching the intermediate class on Saturday mornings.


  • B.A. (Honours) - Comparative Literature, French & German - McMaster University
  • MA. - German - McMaster University
  • PhD - (ABD) German -  University of Toronto
  • PhD - Human Studies - Laurentian University


Bettina’s research interests include reading and resilience strategies, narrative research methods, adult education and second-language learning. She has also published on assessment strategies and faculty development initiatives.


  • 2019 CAUCE National Programming Award for Programs over 48 credit hours - “Degree Completion Bachelor of Forensic Identification”
  • 2018 CNIE Award of Merit in Instructional Design – “EDUC 3026– Math Content Review”
  • 2017 CNIE Award of Merit in Instructional Design – “MUSC 1101 – Introduction to Music Theory I”
  • 2010 REFAD Certificate of Honour
  • 2008 CAUCE National Programming Award – “Bachelor of Social Work – Native Human Services”
  • 2006 CAUCE National Programming Award – Honourable Mention for “Bachelor of Social Work – Native Human Services”
  • 2004 CADE National Student Service Award for “Envision the Possibilities/En vision de l’avenir”
  • 2003 CAUCE National Programming Award for “Cardiac Care on the Web/Soins cardiaques sur l’inforoute”

  • 1992 University of Toronto Open Fellowship
  • 1991 McMaster Graduate Student Awards


ACEX 5006 Teaching in Post-Secondary Education 

DEUT 1005 Introductory German
DEUT 2005 Intermediate German
DEUT 2116 The Age of Goethe and Schiller
DEUT 2216 German Cinema
DEUT 3005 Advanced German
DEUT 3106 German Culture and Civilization from Charlemagne to 1848
DEUT 3107 German Culture and Civilization from the Mid-19th-Century to the Present 


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