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Joël Dickinson

Joël Dickinson


Faculty of Arts
A-236, Arts Building Sudbury Campus


Dr. Joël Dickinson is currently the Dean of Faculty of Arts at Laurentian University. She graduated from University of New Brunswick in 2006 with a PhD in experimental psychology. She is currently a full professor of Psychology with a research focus in cognitive processing during scheme violations. She has experience in development and training for diversity and Inclusion workshops. She has a successful teaching and research career, winning the Laurentian University Teaching Excellence award in 2016. She is also the Principal Investigator of the Cognitive Health Research Laboratory, a CFI funded lab. In her spare time she loans her thumbs to @GeorgesandGraice (her dogs’ Instagram account).


  • BA University of New Brunswick, 1994
  • PhD University of New Brunswick, 2006

Academic Appointments

2019 Dean, Faculty of Arts, Laurentian University

2018  Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts, Laurentian University

2018  Full Professor, Psychology Department, Laurentian University

2014  Associate Professor, Psychology Department, Laurentian University

2007 Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Laurentian University

2006 Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Mount Allison University, Sabbatical Replacement Position


I am PI of the Cognitive Health Research Labratory. My research focus is in cognitive psychology. More specifically I evaluate the impact of schema violations on cognitive processing. The main research technique I am now using involves evoked response potentials (ERP).


2016  Laurentian University Teaching Excellence Award 

Sep 2012 CFI Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF): In conjunction with Dr. A. Roy Charland & Dr. J. Turcotte:  Total = $28016.78 over 5 years.

Jun 2012 Consortium national de formation en santé: $19,000.00 Dec 2008   

CFI Leaders Opportunity Fund In conjunction with Dr. A. Roy-Charland & Dr. J.Turcotte:  Total = $426,942.00 (CFI Contribution = $170,773.00, Ontario Research Fund Contribution = $170,773.00, Laurentian University & Partnerships = $85,396.00


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