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Luc Lagrandeur

Luc Lagrandeur

Assistant Professor

School of Business Administration
F-419, Fraser Auditorium Sudbury Campus


I am from Alban, French River, Ontario. Since 2003, I am Professor of Marketing and Business Consulting at the Faculty of Management at Laurentian University.

I have 10 years of practical marketing experience; from 1992 to 2002, I held positions such as Strategic Account Manager, Marketing Manager and Manager of Customer Relations for one of Canada’s largest information technology outsourcing company based in Montreal providing consulting services to companies such as General Motors of Canada, SICO Paint, Agropur Fine Cheeses, Agropur Granby, Guillevin International Inc, Le Cirque du Soleil, La société des alcools du Québec (SAQ), Option Retraite, Gough Electric, Télévision Quatre Saisons, NCI Inc, Librairie Boulevard, Datachest, Microcell, Estée Lauder, Nesbitt Burns, CED Inc, just to name a few.

Since my employment at Laurentian University, I have also prepared workshops, Marketing Tips 101, for the Chamber of Commerce of West Nipissing and The Soft Sale Approach for Les Entreprises Boréal (Collège Boréal).  My past consulting clients include: The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance, Communication Témiscamingue (radio CKMV), Cooperative Funeral Home, Fantastyk, Collège Boréal, Goodman School of Mines, West Nipissing Chamber of Commerce, Beaulieu Construction, St-Charles Convenience Store, and the Northeast Regional Partnership for Adult Education.

From 2003 to 2019, I was the academic advisor of Enactus-Laurentian.

At the entrepreneurial level, I train students on how to prepare market study and business plans; the teaching responsibility of “Venture Creation” has been assigned to me in the French Business Administration program (the BAA).

I provide guidance and supervision to business students who undertake business consulting projects for organizations and entrepreneurs. Various projects that were under my supervision are market study plans, business plans, product line analysis, social media plans, marketing communication plans, B2B plans, market research, consumer analysis, retailing evaluation plans, international expansion plans, just to name a few. Organizations that benefitted of student expertise under my supervision are: Caisse populaire des Voyageurs Desjardins, Mining Technologies International Inc, Rainbow Routes Association, Expressions Professional Tooth Whitening and Dental Hygiene Clinic, Neka Yoga, Northern Web Works, Ten Point Archery, Nature's Cave, Guillevin International Inc, System Supplies, KR Chemicals, RL Equipment, Creative Meats, Pro Piano, Johnny's Towing, Wacky Wings, Eat Local Sudbury, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Counselling Centre of Sudbury, Desmarais Library, Sudbury Skin Clinic, le programme d'arts d'expression, Korner Klinic, Signatures Restaurant, National Baladi, La Nuit sur l'Étang, Sudbury Car Show, Old Rock Roastery, Quit North, The Dog House, Le Loup FM, M&J Contracting, Chamber of Commerce of West Nipissing, Regroupement des organismes culturels de Sudbury, Learning Disabilities of Sudbury, City of Greater Sudbury, Greenstar Laundry, Northern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre, University of Sudbury, Department of Physical Plant and Planning of Laurentian University, Theatre Cambrian, Dalron Group, Sudbury's Heritage Museum, Wood City North,, Snap-On, Northern Payroll Services, Consiladated Logistics Inc, Cardinal Health, Muskoka Brewery, L&L Valley Scrap Metals Inc, Regroupement des organismes culturels de Sudbury, Moose Cree First Nation, Rapido Y Rico Sudbury, L.May Metal Fabricators Ltd, John Howard Society of Sudbury, Campus Services of Laurentian University, The Basement Gym, Sudbury Regional Business Centre, Laurentian University's Print Hub, St. Albert Adult Learning Centre, Office of Tourism and Development of the City of Greater Sudbury, Fuller Industrial and Leak Prevention Ltd, Marketing Department of Laurentian University, Dynamic Therapy Rehabilitation Center, TPS Group of Companies, New Jerusalem Church of God, All Nations Church (Sudbury), and Everline Coatings.


  • HB.Com. (1989). Honours Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing, Laurentian University (Sudbury, ON).
  • M.Sc. (1991). Masters degree in Administration with a major in Management Information Systems (MIS), Université de Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke, QC).
  • D3C (2013). Executive DBA in e-Commerce, Université de Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke, QC).
  • PhD (candidate - in progress). Doctorate in Business Administration, Université de Lille (Lille, France).

Academic Appointments

2003 - Assistant Professor

On The Web


My interests focus in the fields of e-marketing for businesses & local governments, and management & leadership education. My research activities have been conducted in various countries, including the United States, France, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands.

I am currently pursing doctoral studies (PhD) at University of Lille1 in France. My current research projects are 1) on the implementation strategies of local government offering e-services using the virtual organization model; and 2) the impact of online municipal services at the organizational level (efficiency) and the relationship and interaction level with citizens (efficacy).


  • 2019: John Dobson Enactus Fellowship
  • 2018: John Dobson Enactus Fellowship
  • 2017: John Dobson Enactus Fellowship
  • 2016: John Dobson Enactus Advisor of the Year Award
  • 2015: John Dobson Enactus Fellowship
  • 2014: John Dobson Enactus Fellowship
  • 2013: John Dobson Enactus Fellowship
  • 2006: Institutional bursary from Université de Sherbrooke for doctoral studies


Since 2003, I have been teaching courses in marketing, case competitions, marketing communication, social media marketing, business-to-business marketing, retailing management, marketing research, consumer behaviour, electronic marketing, venture creation, venture launch, and business consulting.

Furthermore, I train students on how to prepare market study and business plans since I am responsible to teach “Venture Creation” in the Business Administration Program, French version.

I have lectured and given conferences at numerous universities including Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (Monterrey, Mexico), Bishop’s University (Quebec, Canada), McGill University (Montreal, Canada), Università dell’Insubria (Como, Italy), Spiru Haret University (Brasov, Romania), and l’IAE-Lille1 (Lille, France).


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