Psychology (MA)

Enhance mental health and well-being in your community. Learn techniques and skills to help people solve problems.


Learn why and how people think and act the way they do and help them improve their daily lives.

Prepare for a career in schools, mental health, or other applied settings, or pursue PhD level studies. Gain hands-on experience with 400 hours in a supervised field placement.

Learn to diagnose and treat mental health as well as use techniques to prevent mental illness and enhance well-being. Observe behavioural patterns that make up normal and abnormal behaviours and how they affect people socially, mentally, and physically.

Limitless research opportunities placements in applied settings and a diverse range of research interests, including cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, forensic psychology, neuroscience, physiological psychology, and social psychology.

Key Features

Apply your knowledge to many areas such as diagnosis, prevention, consult with schools, police, research, personnel issues in organizations.
Help your community by creating supportive environments that encourage mental health and well-being where people live and work.
Flexible degree opens doors to many different career possibilities.

Career Opportunities

Behavior therapist, research analyst, counsellor (addictions, employment, corrections), interviewer, environmental planner, computer consultant, recruitment coordinator, psychometrist, teaching, speech pathology, personnel administrator.

Settings: associations for persons with disabilities, school boards, correctional centres, industries such as Hydro and INCO, mental health centres, social service agencies, chronic psychiatric patients, prison settings, drug addiction, and hospitals.

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