Sociology (MA)

From the family unit to the global stage, how did we develop the societies we live in?


Study the social behaviour or society, including its origins, development, organization, networks, and institutions.

Focus on applied social research with an emphasis on social justice.

Research current societal concerns with a view to problem-solving, while promoting social equality and people’s rights to participate in decisions that affect their own well-being.

Learn to investigate social relations from a variety of methods and perspectives while using a broad range of research techniques, including participatory action research, critical analysis policy, political economy, program evaluation, statistical analyses, sociological approaches, human rights assessments, and social impact studies. Identify social injustices and create strategies to address them. Come away with an appreciation of diversity, and deep understanding of ethical standards.

Key Features

Gain an advanced knowledge of applied social research and the opportunity to study in either of Canada’s official languages.
Help your community by creating supportive environments that encourage mental health and well-being where people live and work.
Apply your knowledge to many areas such as social and moral regulation, the social constructs of race, class, gender and sexuality, the sociology of childhood, youth, aging, the family, education, environment, health, and many others.

Career Opportunities

Public sector, community, government, business, media and international development: front line worker, probation officer, teacher, program developer, program evaluator, infrastructure developer, communications officer, community developer, urban planner, needs assessments and feasibility studies officer, organizational reviewer, strategic planner, volunteer trainer and supervisor, policy analyst, data analyst, report writer, human rights officer, human resource officer, media specialist, researcher, graduate studies.


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